So working at Staples in Portland is pretty different from Staples in Nampa. It’s a combination of them not doing things quite the same way and me not knowing anyone else that works there. Also they’re a lot busier than I’m used to. They sent me on an onsite right away today. And the tech supervisor is 902194262 times better than I am at working on PCs. Also the internet here is driving me crazy. I don’t know what kind of bandwidth my grandparents are paying for but it’s either not cutting it, or something is wrong with their router. I tried setting up and old router I have as a repeater becuase I have next to no signal in my bedroom but that didn’t end up working. I have another four hour shift tomorrow. We’ll see how this week goes.


How the Logic of "Friendzoning" Would Work If Applied in Other Instances:

  • *Man walks into a store and finds employee*
  • Man: Alright, I've had enough. Why haven't you guys hired me?!
  • Employee: Uh...well sir, when did you put in your application?
  • Man: I never filled out an application.
  • Employee: Well sir, we can't consider you for employment if you've never filled out an application.
  • Man: No, that's bullshit, because I've been coming here for years now, and every single time I tell you all how much I love this store and how much I appreciate your customer service, unlike some of your other customers might I add!
  • Employee: Well, but that doesn't-
  • Man: AND I even told you that I didn't have a job!
  • Employee: But sir, that doesn't indicate to us that you would like a job at our store. And again, if you've never filled out an application, we can't consider you. Besides, we're not hiring.
  • Man: OH! Not hiring, HA! What a laugh. I see your store go through seasonal workers all the time. They come and go like nothing, but you won't consider me as a part-time employee even though I KNOW you've been looking for workers to fill positions? That's insane!
  • Employee: Sir, we've been looking to hire a few people for management positions. Do you have any management experience?
  • Man: Well no, but what does that matter?
  • Employee: ...Well sir, that's what we're looking for. You won't be suitable for the position without management experience.
  • Man: Oh that's such a load of crap. You know, you'll be waiting around a long time for a manager if you don't lower your standards a little. Who cares if someone knows how to manage a store? I LOVE this store and I'm willing to work here, that's all that should matter to you.
  • Employee: That...doesn't make any sense.
  • Man: NO! I'm done. This is over. From now on, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
  • Employee:
  • Man:
  • Employee:
  • Man: Fuck you, slut.

Tonight consisted of new friends, Youngblood Hawke, me losing it when Walk The Moon played Spend Your Money and Shut Up And Dance With Me, and Brendon Urie taking his shirt off, doing backflips, and hitting notes that I didn’t even think existed. Also Panic! played an INCREDIBLE cover of Bohemian Rhapsody and totally killed it. Tomorrow I start work at Staples, Wednesday I’ll be touring the PCC campus, and the weekend after next I’ll be going to Bremerton to play my last show with Sheep Among Wolves at a music festival. Needless to say, Portland is awesome so far.